Denis Lalanne Florian Evequoz

Goals of the seminar

  1. Present both an oral and written report of a bibliographic research
  2. Practice the reviewing of scientific literature

The topic of this seminar is gesture recognition, with a particular focus on video based hand and arm gesture recognition. Students will have to choose one of the six following steps of gesture recognition :

  • Detection
  • Tracking
  • Segmentation
  • Recognition
  • Features extraction (used in detection and recognition steps)
  • 2D vs. 3D

Their task will then be to make a bibliographic search on their subject of choice to be presented orally and in a written report (goal 1) of 4 pages, authored in LaTeX following ACM Strict format.

Moreover, three sessions of the seminar will be devoted to a "reviewing-club" (goal 2). Participants will have to read provided short articles and write a review of them. These reviews will be discussed together during the sessions. The goal of the reviewing-club is to develop the critical skill of students regarding the way scientific literature should be written.


If you are willing to participate to this seminar, please contact the organizers. Max. 6 students will be accepted.



To drive their research, students will use the proposed bibliographic references, as well as other references they'll consider interesting, and will try to answer the following questions. The expected outcomes of this seminar is an article synthesizing their findings on the topic as well as a presentation to the participants of the seminar. The article must be authored in LaTeX following ACM Strict format, on 4 pages.

  • Detection of hands and harms

    • Goal?
    • Associated challenges?
    • Which techniques can be used?
    • Main problems which can occur?
      • Lighting
      • Background dynamics
    • Gesture recognition without markers, how to extract the skin from an image?
  • Tracking

    • Goal?
    • Associated challenges?
    • For what purpose is it used?
    • Which techniques can be used?
    • Main problems that can occur?
    • Is this step in the gesture recognition really necessary?
    • Minimal frame rate (FPS) for real time gesture recognition
  • Segmentation of gestures

    • Goal?
    • Which techniques can be used?
    • Main problems that can occur?
    • Do we have to use multimodalities?
    • Can it be done automatically?
  • Recognition

    • Goal?
    • Associated challenges?
    • Which techniques can be used?
    • Main problems that can occur?
    • Why Hidden Markov Models (HMM)?
    • Which is the influence of the vocabulary in the chosen algorithm?
  • Features extraction (used in detection and recognition steps)

    • Goal?
    • Associated challenges?
    • List of potential features and associated step in the processing chain
    • Which techniques can be used to extract them?
    • Main problems that can occur?
    • How to choose the features?
  • 2D vs. 3D

    • Differences between gesture recognition in 3D and 2D?
    • Pros & cons of each approach


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Date: 2010, Spring