Denis Lalanne Vlad Atanasiu


This seminar will address theories and practices in information representation, that is how representation can be used to explore, analyze and communicate scientific knowledge; what is special about scientific representations; and why it is scientifically and socially necessary to develop a critical awareness of representations. A panorama of representations will help discuss its nature at the crossroads of science, art, cognition and culture. Representation techniques and tools are presented and used, while experiments centered on key topics introduce the participants to the practical aspects of producing representations.

The seminar also investigates through a hands-on approach how the information produced by scientists can be represented by other means than words and numbers. While visualization is the premier representation method, we show that other examples are equally effective, such as data sonification, physical objects or oral presentations.


  • create information designs during the classes
  • design as a home project a representation for some information of your choosing
  • present orally and in writing your project
  • read and present a book related to information representation


At the end of the seminar you will have...

  • acquired basic theoretical and practical know-how for on information representations
  • developed critical awareness towards representations
  • experienced the importance of communicating your work and adapt to various audiences
  • created a representation object you created that you can show others

Successful completion of the seminar is credited 5 ECTS.


Teaching materials, administrative documents, readings, etc. are found here.


If you wish to participate in this seminar, please contact the instructors. Participation is limited to 8 students.


English, Français

Time and Place

8 sessions, Spring 2013, Fridays 10:15 am, room B 420, Perolles 2

First session: Friday 22 February 2013


2013, Spring