Teachers: Denis Lalanne Vlad Atanasiu


This seminar will help you develop skills for information visualization in the context of a real research and development project. The covered topics are multifaceted. Besides the use of software and programming for implementation, we will look at the human visual perception that underlies any visualization, at usability and evaluation aspects, and at theoretical factors such as tasks and meanings of representations. We want to prepare you for large projects such as you might encounter in your future professional life - the seminar will thus be a collaboration between all participants, each with well defined tasks. You will experience first hand project design and develop your oral and written communication skills. At the end of the seminar you will be proud to have conceived a visualization tool useful to our customer.


  • oral and written presentation of a specific visualization topic and its application to the seminar project
  • conceiving and coding specific aspects of a visualization
  • collaboration with the project participants
  • readings on specific visualization topics

Website Teaching materials, administrative documents, readings, etc. are found here.

Academic Credits Successful completion of the seminar is credited 5 ECTS.

Participation If you wish to participate in this seminar, please contact the instructors. Participation is limited to 6 students.

Languages English

Time and Place Bi-weekly, 9 sessions, Fall 2013, Fridays 10:15 am, room B 420, Perolles 2

First session: Friday 27 September 2013

Date: 2013, Fall