Denis Lalanne

The topic

Collaborative data visualization aims at developing visualization techniques and interaction paradigms to collaboratively visualize and interact with data so that to gain insight and knowledge about it. This requires not only techniques to interact collaboratively with the visualizations but also mechanisms to store and share discoveries. Collaboration can be synchronous or asynchronous, remote or co-located and thus requires different types of artifacts and paradigms. This seminar will explore the most recent trends in this emerging research domain.


The goal of this seminar is to review the domain of "Collaborative Data Visualization". Another objective of this seminar is to develop skills in reading, writing and reviewing academic papers. In this context, students will be asked to write and present a state of the art of a sub-domain of "Collaborative Data Visualization" research field. Sub topics such as interaction techniques for co-located collaborative information visualization, real-time remote information co-discovery, offline collaborative information visualization, information crystallization and mechanisms to attach information to data, existing systems and toolkits, etc. will be addressed in this context.

Each student will be asked to choose a theme within the domain, select state-of-the-art references relevant to the chosen thematic, synthesize these references and present them orally in a presentation, done during one of the final seminar sessions in a written report, of 4 pages, authored in LaTeX following ACM Strict format.

Learning outcomes: At the end of the seminar, students will know how to do a bibliographic research, how to judge the quality of a scientific paper, and how to write a scientific article. Further, they will know what is "Collaborative Data Visualization" and the current techniques and trends, and will deepen their knowledge on a particular subtopic.

Outcomes from participants


Autumn 2014




5 sessions, Friday morning in the meeting room B 420 (Perolles II).

Date: 2015, Fall