Supervisors: Denis Lalanne, Julien Nembrini


The EPFL, EIA Fribourg and UniFR are entering a team in the Solar Decathlon Challenge 2016 – a highly prestigious international competition – to design and build a fully operational solar powered house that solves difficult energy problems currently confronting society. Would you like to be part of this ground breaking competition? This challenge is about more than just building a better energy efficient house. It’s about rethinking and redefining the place we call home – how we work, eat, drink, shop, grow up, grow old, create communities, and above all, how we can thrive as a society in the future. This is a chance for you to wipe the slate clean and imagine a more sustainable form of urban life!

The UniFR will contribute in the field of legal, informatics and economical aspects to solve the upcoming challenges. Furthermore, cooperation among those three disciplines will create new solutions to contribute in the decathlon but also to support the change within the energy sector.

In this context, we invite 6 students in informatics to contribute to the challenge. They will participate to one of the topic of the solar decathlon and propose innovative solutions related to human-building interaction, and write a report on this at this end of the seminar. Human Building Interaction aims at designing interactive building systems and the corresponding human-machine interfaces, and at evaluating them with inhabitants. The major goals of this multidisciplinary domain (informatics, psychology, sociology, design) are to improve the quality of life of residents, reduce energy consumption, and increase social and energy awareness. About 6 meetings will take place between unifr and epfl.

We'll select the most motivated students. Please contact us soon with 3-4 lines explaining your motivation to participate to this seminar: denis [d-o-t] lalanne [A-T] unifr [d-o-t] ch

Seminar start: September Friday 25th 2015

Date: 2015, Fall