Seminar Vizualisation Engineering and Authoring

Supervisors: Denis Lalanne, Florian Evéquoz

The topic:

Data visualization, also known as information visualisation, is a field concerned with the visual representation of data and interaction with it in order to amplify cognition.

This seminar will be dedicated to the specific topic of visualization engineering and authoring. By visualization engineering, we refer to the models, architectures and tools that support the design and implementation visualizations. Typical questions in this field are: what are the models and architectures on which visualization engineering is based, what are the models and design patterns that have emerged from both theory and practice, how do the users handle those tools when they author visualizations, what are the typical tasks that are supported by visualization engineering systems, what are the open problems and challenges in that domain, etc.


The goal of this seminar is to review selected research papers in the domain of the Visualization Engineering & Authoring. Another objective of this seminar is to develop skills in reading, writing and reviewing academic papers. In this context, students will be asked to write and present a literature review of a sub-domain of the Data Visualization research field.

Seminar participants will be asked to choose an article from a selection provided by the organizers. Then, they will have to find two relevant papers addressing a similar thematic, synthesize these references and present them orally in a presentation, done during one of the final seminar sessions, and in a written report of 4 pages, authored in LaTeX following ACM Strict format.

Learning outcomes: At the end of the seminar, students will know how to do a bibliographic research, how to judge the quality of a scientific paper, and how to write a scientific article. Further, they will understand in greater details the topic of Visualization Engineering and Authoring and the current techniques and trends.


We invite max 5 students in informatics to participate. We'll select the most motivated students. Please contact us as soon as possible with 3-4 lines explaining your motivation to participate to this seminar (write to both address):

  • florian [d-o-t] evequoz [A-T] unifr [d-o-t] ch
  • denis [d-o-t] lalanne [A-T] unifr [d-o-t] ch

Language: English


5 sessions, in meeting room B 420 (Perolles II).


March 7th, 10:15am, room A420

Futures dates will be announced at the first session.

Date: 2018, Spring