Seminar Building Data Visualization II

Supervisors: Denis Lalanne, Julien Nembrini

The topic:

Data visualization, also known as information visualisation, is a field concerned with the visual representation of data and interaction with it in order to amplify cognition. The seminar will approach this field with the angle of visualizing building data.


Building Management Systems (BMS) provide monitoring and control for facility operators in the areas of energy saving, maintenance, occupant comfort, equipment monitoring, safety and security, etc. Interactive data visualization is a candidate to enhance traditional data presentation format such as graphs and tables. The aim is to allow open-ended exploration of generic building data for potential misbehaviour identification, as well as analysis of interaction between system parameters and performance indicators. The main goal of the seminar is to explore, discuss and understand domain-specific tasks to address topics relevant to data visualization, as well as to inform the design of future BMS data visualization tools.


We invite max 6 students in informatics to participate. We'll select the most motivated students. Please contact us as soon as possible with 2 sentences explaining your motivation to participate to this seminar:

julien [d-o-t] nembrini [A-T] unifr [d-o-t] ch

Language: English


5 sessions, Wednesday afternoon 13h15 in the meeting room A 420 (Perolles II). Detailed calendar will be communicated when the seminar starts.

Start: February 27th, 13h15, room A420

Date: 2019, Spring